About The Capital Company

The Capital Real Estate Company was established to serve buyers and investors in The New Administrative Capital, which is the largest Egyptian project in last decades. We are the only real estate marketing company specialized in real estate in The New Administrative Capital. The company is organizing acquisition process of the most promising city in Egypt and offering the best opportunities for investors interested in it.

The company has the idea of providing a link between developers in The New Capital and individuals / companies wishing to own and invest in it. We offer buyers and investors a full range of search tools that help them find the right property, and provide them with all the latest information on the best investment opportunities and real estate offers in The New Capital that provides them with added value.

The Capital Co. team was the first to cover the city's news since Groundbreaking in May 2015 at the Sharm El-Sheikh Economic Conference, through our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages, the most popular social networking sites among the Internet users in Egypt.

Although the establishment of the company started with the announcement of The New Capital, but quickly gained fame among the public interested in the news of The city, for the continuous presentation of all the news of the workflow and investment opportunities, and because it was founded on a set of principles and professional customer service, to achieve the leading in real estate market in the promising city. The real estate developers in The Capital have been quick to connect with the company and cooperate with us to attract customers from the public interested in buying and owning in the new administrative capital.